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Smart Phones and Tablets have become powertools

Weblink enables users to remotely update & access their database using their Smartphones and Tablets.

  • Recording Inspections,
  • Dispatching Contracts,
  • Communicating with current and past Buyers and Sellers, by voice, sms or email

have all become a simple one click function with Weblink.

Weblink also provides powerful Analytics that tracks customer activity and alerts users when certain actions are performed.

Potential Sellers

Record and Manage all Potential Sellers

You'll never miss another listing opportunity. Multilink manages potential sellers like no other, from pre-listing Inspection communications, full Marketing Proposals, Pricing Presentations, through to systemised follow up ?? all tailored to your own style.

Tablet users even have their own impressive interactive listing presentation.

Buyers and Purchasers

Most buying enquiries end up purchasing in your trading area, often finding their home through another agency.

Multilink users never lose touch with anyone they meet even if they purchase through another agency.

Customer Retention is a key element of the Multilink System, generating quality Referrals and ongoing Loyalty from simple beginnings.

Sales and admin staff

Multilink integrates the entire real estate office processes, not only for the sales team but also the admin team, so that everyone can work on the same files and nothing is left to chance. Users can even select other offices with which they share listings and referrals.

Multilink promotes every user ensuring they are in the phone Contacts of every person they meet. It creates a "can-do" reputation for every sales person and creates a large array of Reports and KPIs to help administrators monitor all corners of their business.

Easy to use Trust Account, General Accounts, Commissions, Payroll & Advertising management are all included, so there savings to be made by removing other legacy software programs..

Current Sellers

The way Multilink manages current sellers through their Pre-Sale and After-Exchange processes guarantees that sales people maintain customer satisfaction throughout the entire selling process and beyond, helping to build an excellent referral base.